Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Reiki treatments:

  • Do I need to take my clothes off?  No.  Reiki is an energy treatment, you keep your clothes on, and generally you will lay down on a couch and be under a blanket.
  • What happens with a typical session? We will spend a period of time assessing what’s going on for you.  Then you’ll be helped on to the Reiki couch where you can close your eyes and relax for the duration of the treatment.
  • Is Reiki a type of massage? No, although some practitioners may add massage as part of the treatment.  With Reiki, hands are placed on certain areas of the body to direct energy to where it is most needed. Acupuncture uses a similar technique using needles – they are placed in certain points in the body depending on what is needed.
  • Are you a healer? No, I channel Reiki energy to wherever it is most needed for you.  A useful analogy: if you had a broken arm and went to the doctor, the doctor might set your arm in a cast.  After a few weeks your arm would probably be healed and the cast removed.  Did the doctor heal you?  No, you healed yourself.  However the doctor put in place a good structure (the cast) for your healing to be successful.  A Reiki treatment is very similar.  Your whole-self is given an abundance of energy which can then be used to bring about health changes within yourself (both consciously & sub-consciously).
  • Do you need any religious beliefs for the treatment to work? No, there is no religion behind Reiki.  You will find that Reiki very much complements any existing religious or spiritual understanding you have already.  Reiki will be effective whether you believe it or not. The proof will be in the changes you notice in your daily life.