My Reiki Journey

For me, Reiki was the start of my journey with profound life changing results:

  • I now have a lot quieter mind and have gained a lot more peace,
  • I now sleep deeply and soundly almost every night,
  • I have a lot clearer feel for my own intuition/gut instinct,
  • I’m feel connected and happier with my place in the world,
  • Not to mention I’ve since met some really interesting people, started my own business, become a freelancer, got married to a wonderful wife, and bought a house with a beautiful view!

How Reiki Found Me – A Reiki Share

A friend asked me to join her as some people she knew were having a ‘Reiki Share’ that evening. So being open to something new, I went along not sure what to expect that perhaps it was some sort of massage.

The ‘Reiki Share’ was interesting in that there was a Reiki Master and two Reiki II Practitioners. Reiki, I found out, is trained in 3-4 stages:

  • Reiki I, which is about giving Reiki to yourself, your friends or family.
  • Reiki II, which enables you to give treatments to others professionally.
  • Reiki III/Master, which is for teaching Reiki to others (occasionally this is split into Master and Teacher courses).

The evening was organised so even though we were new to Reiki we didn’t just receive a treatment we were able to give a treatment too! With 2-3 people around a couch, we had one person lying down receiving a treatment and two people giving Reiki. To treat we were given instructions on how to do an invocation (basically a fancy way of saying how to activate the Reiki) and shown the basic hand positions. As it turned out there was no massage whatsoever! The person receiving the treatment lies on the couch fully clothed and you gently place your hands in certain positions of the persons body. If you’ve ever seen the film Karate Kid; the scene when Daniel-san is injured and might not be able to make the last fight. Then Mr Miyagi rubs his hands together and places them on Daniel-san leg and then Daniel-san is able to get up again. Minus the hand rubbing part that’s the basic idea :0)

To be honest, at the time, I wouldn’t say it had a profound impact on me. Although a bit nervous with it all being a bit new and strange I found the treatment very relaxing but not much else. However the next day, working in the office one my colleagues remarked “What’ve you been up to? You look like a million dollars?”. It was at that point I actually stopped what I was doing, realised how great I felt and remarked “Actually I do feel like a million dollars!”. It wasn’t until then that I realised what a difference the Reiki had made in that one session.

Find Out More About Learning Reiki

I completed my training with Acorn to Oak; their courses were excellent [bear in mind I now help run the courses with my wife, Pennie so I’m definitely biased!]. There are plenty of other people & companies that do training, however in my experience, I would recommend you look for a longer course. For me, completing a Reiki Master course over a weekend seems impossible, there is so much I’ve learnt over the year or so it took me to complete my training and I still feel like I’m learning!

I would recommend that you at least talk to the teacher(s) before you do the training to make sure they seem like people you would like to work with – I must admit I didn’t do this and I think I definitely got very lucky with who I chose. It is very much a personal experience and to get the most from you’ll need to feel that you are in safe and loving environment.